Four Apps That Enhance Healthy Living


Healthy living is something everyone struggles to maintain. There are times where you feel like working out and eating healthy foods, and there are days where you want to relax eating your favorite junk food. Healthy living is not an easy task. Luckily, the following four apps enhance healthy lifestyles that can make it simpler for you.

Apps That Enhance Health


Strava is an app that utilizes GPS for the purpose of tracking all your exercise routine. With this app, you can compare your previous workout sessions with your most current innorder to know how you are doing. You also have the option of comparing your progress with other people who have included their sessions. This helps you know where you rank in comparison to other people. The other amazing thing about this app is the fact that it recommends the best places to run or jog depending on your location. This makes it perfect for those who travel a lot.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is another incredible app that enhances healthy living. With this app, diet and exercise management is very easy. All you are required to do is insert everything you have eaten and the activities you have done. My Fitness Pal will then interpret the data you have entered and given you customized goals and personalized exercises and diet. With this app, you get to know how many calories you have taken every day. Apart from this, you can set reminders to eat snacks or to take water in case you forget.


This app is a healthy food recipe app. From this app, you get many healthy food recipes that are suitable for adults and children. Each recipe comes with a nutrient analysis that enables you to know how many calories you are taking with every recipe. It is ideal for people who love to cook and those who want many healthy options to choose from.

Water Drink Reminder

Water Drink Reminder as the name suggests rkdfkbkkdfnbkfdnbkndfkbnknfdbnkdfbeminds you to take water at regular intervals. All you are required to do is insert your body weight. Once this is done Water Drink Reminder calculates the precise amount of water you are required to take every day. Every time you take water, you have an obligation to enter how much you’ve had. When you reach the goal, the reminders stop. It is a great app for those looking to up their water intake.

In conclusion, these are the top 4 health enhancing app everyone should use. They are easy to use and are essential for healthy living.