Physical Therapy

Managing Extreme Fatigue

Fatigue is far different from ordinary exhaustion. It can impede you from doing your daily routine. It is so upsetting to experience extreme fatigue especially if almost all your methods are affected. According to various health organizations, extreme fatigue is usually attributed to illnesses like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and depression.

But before knowing the ways to manage extreme fatigue, you must first know what causes fatigue. It is like knowing first that you’re sick before curing it. Some common fatigue causes are an endocrine problem, heart disorders, lung disease and depression.

Individuals must know how to deal with fatigue before it leads to a more serious issue like psychological incapacity. There are ample of ways to manage extreme fatigue, what is listed below are only Four Ways to Manage Extreme Fatigue.

Drink Enough Waterknskndfkvnksndvknskvnksvnksnv

Eight glasses a day should be part of your daily diet plan because it is the best cure for dehydration. Once a person is dehydrated he or she will have low energy the whole day. This may sound not so vital but drinking enough water should be taken seriously because dehydration can lead to bereavement.

Daily Exercise

Regular exercise is very important to have a healthy living. Habitual exercising helps manage extreme fatigue because it helps regulate blood flow. On the other hand, do not overdo exercising because this may also have bad effect to your body. Do only a moderate exercise 3 times a week and just about 30 minutes a day. To make sure that you are on the right track, asks advice from your trusted physical therapist or your doctor.

Take Enough Sleep

Enough sleep will give you time to get energize. When you are lack of sleep you don’t feel like doing anything. All you want to do is sit or sleep again. If this happened, you will not be able to accomplish anything. Enough sleep must be part of your beauty ritual. If you have sleep problem you must consult a doctor to discuss with you some sleep medication.

Ensure To Take Daily Breakfast

As we wake up in the morning our blood sugkkdfsvkkdfvknkdfnvnkdfnvknfvnkndfvknkdnkvndar is low and the only way to energize our body and increase our blood sugar is eating breakfast. But of course, your breakfast should include energy boosting foods like almonds, spinach, oatmeal and eggs to name a few. Do not skip breakfast because this is the most important meal every day.

Finally, the prime reason why most people are experiencing extreme fatigue is because they don’t know how to manage stress. You need to determine first the stressor that causes you to get stress before you can deal with it. But if you are already under extreme stress and you don’t know how to deal with it, take a deep gulp of air to ward off the upshot of tension.