Health Issues That Women Are Embarrassed About


Unlike men, women are less forthcoming when it comes to health issues, a recent report from the American Health Journal states. As a matter of fact, millions of women secretly suffer from a myriad of health issues, but they are too embarrassed to talk about it, whether to their doctors or their friends.

The most embarrassing health issues facing women are the toilet-related issues, that is, anything going on in the bathroom. What some of these women do not know is that by being tight-lipped, they are doing themselves a huge disservice because many of these conditions are fully treatable.

Explained below are the top five most embarrassing health conditions facing women worldwide.

Vaginal odor

Vaginal odor, though not always, may be a yeast infection indication. Most people associate body odor with poor grooming and poor hygiene. Women with vaginal disorders are seen as being dirty and unable to clean their bodies properly. This cannot be further from the truth since a vaginal odor is not only caused by lack of bathing frequently. To fight vaginal odors, many women spend a lot of their money buying over-the-counter creams which may have even more devastating effects.

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Low libido

A big percentage of the human population is sexual by nature. The lack of sex drive in a woman can make her feel not only embarrassed but also feel like she is abnormal. As much as sex is an everyday activity in our lives, it remains a taboo topic among many people, especially the elderly. Some women would rather suffer in silence than admit to having a low libido due to the fear that they may be labeled as being sluts or sex maniacs.

Some females are also hesitant to having sex even with their spouse because their lady parts are no longer as firm as they were before. To have a better understanding of this, look at The 3 Causes of a Loose or Flappy Vagina.

Excessive sweating

Whether it is their underarms or their palms, many women are extremely ashamed about excessive sweating. Sweat causes body odor. Many women fear any kind of body odor as it impacts negatively other people’s perception of them, especially their grooming habits. There is no need to be embarrassed of excessive sweating since it can easily be fixed by a physician.


Everybody has gas, but almost no one wants to admit it. Passing out gas, especially in public, is a number one nightmare among women. Women who pass out gas than is normal usually like keeping to themselves for fear that they would be made fun of if they are discovered.

Frequent urination

hjdhjd874According to Doctor Thielen Jacqueline from the Mayo Clinic College in Rochester, Minn., over seventeen million women in the United States suffer from bladder control related problems. They are not in a position to control their urination. Since failure to control one’s bladder is mostly associated with young children, many women fear that they are going to be judged harshly by the society if they come out as having this health problem. As such, they suffer in silence.

Urinary incontinence is also related to having a loose vagina and weak muscles down there. Some women resort to home remedies like the use of  vinegar with the hope that they will be able to resolve this issue.